Fishing For Ducks FAQS


Q: Can I park on the ice?
A: Yes, as long as conditions allow we will have 2 parking areas, one in front of the Blue Goose, and one getting on the ice at Garrison Sports. Follow signs and park where instructed. You will still need to walk a little way. You must enter the tournament.


Q: Can I bring a cooler onto the ice?
A: Yes, coolers will be allowed; all coolers will be subject to mandatory search or will not be allowed in the contest area. No Glass allowed in fishing area.


Q: Is there a place I can warm up?
A: Yes, we have a heated concession tent.


Q: Do you have bait for sale?
A: No, Bait is available at local bait shops in and around Garrison.


Q: Where do I get my ticket sticker?
A: Bring in your ticket (filled out) into the registration tent to redeem for your sticker. Or, you can pick it up at our Friday night event before 9:00pm.


Q: Are tickets still available the day of the contest?
A: Yes. Tickets are available at designated outlets (look for signs) and on the ice when you enter the parking area. Also in the tent,


Q: Can I use a Credit Card on the ice?
A: Yes, Ducks Unlimited will accept any form of credit card on the ice.


Q: Who is running the contest?
A: The Garrison Wildlife Ducks Unlimited Chapter


Q: What is the random prize drawing and where can one purchase tickets?
A: There will be separate raffles in the tent for big screen TV’s, guns, and also a general raffle with over 100 items. Buy tickets in the tent.


Q: Can I take my prize home with me?
A: Yes, your prize is now your responsibility. You must take it with you. You will have to make arrangements to pick up the truck, ATV, and fish house with the dealers. Any prize left becomes the property of Ducks Unlimited.


Q: Do you have handicap parking?
A: Yes, follow signs on road, it will be all the way up to the area you enter the tournament, Parking attendants will show you the way. A shuttle will also be available if needed.


Q: Can you transfer tickets to another individual?
A: No, however, when you buy your ticket, it is blank. You can transfer it before you fill it out.


Q: Can you use a fish/depth locator and underwater camera or GPS?
A: No underwater cameras are allowed during fishing hours.  Cameras are allowed for scouting up until 11:45 contest morning. Fish finders, depth finders and GPS are allowed.


Q: Do you sell tickets on the ice?
A: Yes, we will sell you a ticket in your vehicle, or they are available in the tent.


Q: Are spectators welcome?
A: Yes, spectators are welcome, and encouraged to buy raffle tickets and visit the concession stand.


Q: What time can I start fishing?
A: 12:00 noon, when the flare goes off.


Q: Can I check the depth before start of contest?
A: Yes, but only with a depth finder or a line without a hook. All lines must be out of the water by 11:45 am until the official start.


Q: When does the contest end?
A: 3:00 pm the flare will go off ending the contest. You must be on your way in with a fish in hand at that time to have it registered. Remember: fish must be brought to the judges’ stand immediately when caught and be alive. Dead or frozen fish will be ineligible.


Q: When can I enter the contest area?
A: 9:00 am.


Q: Can I pre-fish?
A: Not on the day of the contest.


Q: Can I fish using a windbreak?
A: No, windbreaks are not allowed.


Q: Can I pull a canvas over my head for protection?
A: No. All contestants must remain completely visible while fishing.


Q: I can’t find my ticket, can I still fish?
A: No! All contestants must have a legal ticket in plain view on their person. Please see the tournament director for help in locating your ticket


Q: Can I bring my own beer or pop into the contest area?
A: Yes. Glass bottles are not allowed, plastic bottles are. We encourage you, however, to patronize our concessions, many of which are run by charitable groups raising money.


Q: Can we bring our own food?
A: Yes, however, we do have hot food in the tent.


Q: Can my friend watch my line while I go to the bathroom or to register my fish?
A: No, Please take your line out of the water. Leaving your line unattended is against Minnesota law. Only one line per ticket is allowed, your friend would be disqualified for too many lines.


Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: Yes, fishing during the contest is regulated by all Minnesota fishing laws. MNDNR officers are often present. Residents under 16 do not need a fishing license.