Frequently Asked Questions


If you don't see your answer here please email Greg with your question


1. Am I allowed in the fishing area if I don’t have a contest ticket?

        Yes, the public is welcome.  Please don’t touch any fishing equipment if you don’t have a  fishing contest registration sticker.


2. Can I play games and raffles without being registered to fish?

         Yes!  The public is welcome to play raffles, purchase food and drink.


3. What time can I enter the area and save my fishing hole?

         Gates open at 9:00am on contest day.   Each contestant is allowed to save up to 4 holes.


4. My kids would like to participate?  Are there any age restrictions?  Is there a separate kids contest?

         There are no age restrictions!  There is no separate kids contest, but we do have a gift    (Wood duck house or tackle kit) for kids 17 and under.


5. What species of fish am I allowed to weigh?

         The species list is at the bottom of the rules page, and includes most legal fish likely to be   encountered on Mille Lacs.


6. I have trouble walking.  Do I need a handicap sticker or license plate to access the handicapped parking area?

         No.  Tell the parking attendants that you would like to park in the handicap area.


7. I’d like to help out, but I also want to fish the contest.  Are there things I can help with beforehand or after the contest?

         YES!  We are always looking for help.  Please go to our Volunteer Page for details.


8. Do I need a fishing license to compete in Fishing for Ducks?

         Yes.   A MN fishing license is required.  There are many options available, including a 24-hour fishing license for residents and non residents ($14)


9. If I win a large value prize, do I have to pay taxes on the winnings?

         We will have you fill out a W-9 before you can take your prize.  You will receive an IRS  form 1099-MISC for your taxes.


10. Do I need a ticket for Friday Night Flight?

        Yes, the event is free to contestants, but you need to have a fishing ticket to get in the door. Tickets are available at the door.


11. Where do I trade my ticket in for a fishing sticker?

         This can be done at Friday Night Flight, or on the lake Saturday morning.


12. Are tickets available on the lake on contest day?

        Yes!  We will sell you tickets in your vehicle as you approach the fishing  area.  Tickets are also available in the tent for credit card  purchasers.


13. Where do you gain access to the lake?

        At Garrison Sports and Broadway Pizza/Burger King ice and weather permitting.  Watch for signs.


14. Is there food available on the ice?

       Yes, really good food is available in the tent, and a full bar just outside the tent.    Garbage containers are scattered throughout the fishing area.


15. Are there restroom facilities?

       Yes, there are Porta-Potties scattered throughout.


16. Are the holes pre-drilled, or do I need an auger?

        The holes will be pre-drilled the morning of the contest.  No augers are permitted.